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Useful Information

We provide everything that your pet will need during their stay here along with our TLC.


We stock most major brands of pet food which is included in the price. Feeding is generally done in the morning and late afternoon but if your pet eats more often (e.g. a puppy), just let us know and we can continue the routine. You are of course welcome to provide your own if you wish, especially if it's something out of the ordinary.

We're more than happy to cater for veterinary prescribed or special diets but we will need you to bring these in with you.

Fresh water is always available and changed frequently.

Bedding, Toys & Treats

Again, we can supply any bedding and we have a wide selection of toys and treats for all of our visitors.

If you want to provide any of your own bedding or toys, you're more than welcome to as this can help them settle in more quickly. Even a jumper or blanket with your scent can help them settle in.

All of our bedding is cleaned and disinfected between use by different pets.


If your loved one is on any veterinary medication, we will continue to administer this at no extra cost. Just let us know and bring in their medication along with dosage instructions.


All dogs staying with us of must be fully vaccinated with their annual boosters kept up to date. You will need to bring in your vaccination certificate at the time of admission which we will keep during the stay. We need this certificate for every stay.

We do not insist on the 'Kennel Cough' vaccine for dogs but if you do decide to have your dog vaccinated, we must insist that it is done at least 14 days (ideally 21 days) before arrival.

More information about the vaccinations can be found on our Vaccinations page.

Please also ensure that your dogs flea and worming treatments are also up to date.

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